About us

It all started with a basic question: How can we make e-commerce easier for everyone?

BestPriceShop powers e-commerce on a broader scale. We specialize in converting platforms into micro-e-commerce hubs and effectively monetizing their traffic. We empower publishers to seamlessly incorporate shopping experiences for their audiences, thereby increasing their revenue incrementally. Our user-friendly technology and rapid plugins ensure a delightful experience with minimal setup.

We're introducing a realm of new opportunities for brands to showcase their products in countless relevant contexts. Brands can now engage shoppers precisely at their point of inspiration, driving increased sales and conversions.

BestPriceShop is dedicated to building a comprehensive ecosystem that seamlessly blends content with e-commerce through advanced APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and ML (Machine Learning). Positioned at the nexus of publishers, brands, and shoppers, our goal is to seamlessly integrate all three, delivering purpose-driven, tailor-made experiences for each stakeholder.

We’re Backed by incredible investors