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Brand: The Man Company

Derma Roller For Scalp Beard

Derma Roller For Scalp Beard

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Product Description

Derma Roller details:

Want accelerated hair and beard growth?

 Just one effective tool is all you need!

 Activate your scalp and beard with The Man Company’s incredibly safe to use and effective Derma Roller. A newly-introduced hand-held device specially designed with a titanium finish for superior handling. It has 540 (0.5 mm) chromium needles that create micro-punctures on the surface of your scalp & beard to bring sleeping follicles back to life. The micro-needles penetrate just deep enough to boost growth and increase blood circulation and supply of collagen, efficiently improving hair health.

We recommend using it twice weekly to achieve desired results. This scientifically-backed product is sure to deal with patchiness, slow hair growth and hair fall troubles.


  • Step 1: Hold the roller firmly yet gently in your hand
  • Step 2: Now, with little pressure, roll it horizontally, vertically & diagonally on your scalp/beard
  • Step 3: Make sure you go in the direction of your hair growth to avoid plucking them
  • Step 4: Wash the roller with warm soapy water after every use and allow it to dry

Quick Tip:

For best results, apply The Man Company’s Onion Seed Hair Oil on your hair and Caffeine Beard Growth Serum on your beard after rolling to aid growth.

Benefits of Derma Roller:

  • Boosts hair growth: The Derma Roller is an effective tool that helps in boosting hair growth by creating micro-punctures that result in increased blood flow and collagen production in your scalp and beard region.
  • Activates sleeping follicles: The Man Company’s Derma Roller makes sure that all the dormant follicles on your scalp and beard region get activated to give you fuller and thicker hair.
  • Boosts Collagen Production: Rolling the Derma Roller on your scalp and beard increases the production of collagen that helps improve your hair health.


Q: Will this product help with hair fall?

A: No, the Derma Roller majorly focuses on increasing hair growth in both your scalp and beard regions.

Q: Will this relieve patchiness?

A: Yes, the tool is an effective solution to treat patchy zones on your scalp and beard regions. Make sure you use it regularly, but gently.

Q: Will it prick my scalp & skin?

A: Yes, the needles present on the roller will prick you a little, but it is a good prick that boosts hair growth. But do not forget to be gentle!

Q: How many times can I use it in a week?

A: The product is safe to use twice weekly.

Q: Will it harm my hair?

A: No, it won’t harm your hair. On the contrary, it helps deal with slower hair growth and patchiness.

|[config]|[/short_description] [product_usps]540 (0.5 mm) Chromium micro-needles with Titanium Finish,Activates hair and beard hair growth,Stimulates dormant hair follicles,Safe as well as easy and effective to use[/product_usps]