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Brand: TAIYO

Taiyo Hi Red Flower Horn Fish Food

Taiyo Hi Red Flower Horn Fish Food

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Product Description

Give your Flower Horn fish the nutrition it needs to flourish with Hi-Red Fish Food, a specially formulated floating pellet. This premium fish food is enriched with natural spirulina, natural carotene, and special amino acids designed to accentuate the vibrant red pigments and promote the development of the distinctive head characteristic of Flower Horn fish.

Key Features:

  • Floating Pellet: The floating pellets make feeding convenient and allow you to observe your Flower Horn fish as it enjoys its meal.
  • Natural Spirulina: Enriched with natural spirulina, known for its nutritional benefits, providing essential proteins and enhancing the natural colors of your fish.
  • Natural Carotene: Contains natural carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A, which supports overall fish health and vitality.
  • Special Amino Acid: The addition of special amino acids contributes to bringing out the vivid red pigments, accentuating the beauty of your Flower Horn fish.
  • Head Formation: Formulated to enforce the development of the Flower Horn's distinctive head, maintaining the breed's characteristic appearance.

Ensure that your Flower Horn fish receives the optimal nutrition it needs to thrive and display its stunning colors. With Hi-Red Fish Food, you're providing a balanced and enticing diet that supports the overall health and beauty of your beloved aquatic companion. Watch as your Flower Horn fish flourishes with vibrant colors and a well-formed head, showcasing its unique and captivating features.