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Brand: The Man Company

Vibe Tribe - Premium Fragrance Gift Set

Vibe Tribe - Premium Fragrance Gift Set

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Product Description

Vibe Tribe - Premium Fragrance Gift Set Details:

Women’s Day is around the corner; have you picked a gift for your lady luck yet? The Woman Company’s Vibe Tribe is a Limited Edition Gift Set filled with fragrant happiness. A perfect gift for women in your life, it comes in gorgeous packaging with four fragrances for different occasions. EDP Bawsy for the boss lady, EDP Sassy for the social missy, EDP Classy for the glam dive and EDP Gutsy for the wander woman. From floral scents to woodsy aromas, this gift set has it all. So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for the ladies in your life, this luxurious perfume set for women should be your first choice.

How To Use:

Step 1: Spray the perfume directly on pulse points. It includes area behind the ears

Step 2: Neck region

Step 3: Both wrists

Quick Tip: To make them last longer, apply a moisturizer before applying the perfumes.

What’s In The Gift Set

Eau De Parfum Bawsy:

Get ready to wear a boss vibe and take over the world with every spritz. Bawsy is perfect for the modern woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for it. Featuring a bright and citrusy Mandarin note balanced by sweet and floral Gardenia, it is perfect for making a statement. The Sandalwood provides a warm and woodsy base for the scent and is sure to turn heads.

Eau De Parfum Classy:

Here’s your chance to smell like a burst of sparkly glam on all your dates. Classy has a tempting blend of sweet and floral scents that makes you feel confident and sexy. With Red Apple as a top note, it wafts of perfect sweetness, and the heart note of Freesia adds a light and refreshing touch to the fragrance. The base note of Amber provides warmth to the scent and is perfect for a glamorous woman.

Eau De Parfum Sassy:

Be the life of every party as you wrap yourself in a cheeky spirit. Sassy is a playful and fun fragrance that is perfect for you if you love to live life to the fullest. The Raspberry and Lily Of The Valley notes are bright and vibrant, while Vanilla provides a sweet and comforting base. Every spritz of Sassy sets the mood right and makes you party all night.

Eau De Parfum Gutsy:

Wherever you travel, leave behind an everlasting waft of the wander woman in you. Gutsy is a citrusy, floral scent that fills you with positivity. The top note of Amalfi Lemon is bright and refreshing, while the delicate middle note of African Orange Flower is sweet and uplifting. The base note of Musk adds a touch of sensuality and makes you feel confident and in control during all your adventures.

Benefits of Vibe Tribe - Premium Fragrance Gift Set:

Long-Lasting Freshness: The Woman Company’s gift set of four perfumes provides long-lasting freshness. The scents are citrus, floral, woodsy, and musky, lasting for hours. Perfect for wearing to work, travel, parties, or any occasion to feel refreshed and invigorated. These perfumes for women make for an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Premium Fragrances:  The rich blend of intoxicating notes of these perfumes oozes luxury and makes for the perfect gift set for the lady of your heart. Made from the finest ingredients, all the fragrances of Vibe Tribe laces your women in a premium vibe. She will fall head over heels for Bawsy, Sassy, Classy and Gutsy, and you all over again.

Specially Curated Gift For Women: Are you looking for gifts for this Women’s Day? Your search ends here; Vibe Tribe is perfect for anyone who wants to have a variety of fragrances for every occasion. Specially curated perfumes for women keeping in mind their needs, this gift set fulfills all the demands of ladies, be it for work, travel, date night or a party. It comes in stunning packaging that exudes premium from every angle.  


Q: Is this good for special occasions?

A: Our gift set is perfect for every special occasion.

Q: Should I spray the perfumes on my body or clothes?

A: Always spray them on your body to make them last longer.

Q: Will the perfumes fetch me compliments?

A: Every time you apply one of the perfumes, make sure to keep room for all the compliments.

Q: How long will the freshness last?

A: It will provide you with 24-hour freshness.

Q: Does the perfumes control odour?

A: Yes. The lasting fragrance will keep the odor at bay.

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Other Ingredients: Extra Neutral Alcohol, Perfume, Aqua, Di-ethyl Phthalate, Isopropyl Myristate, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol Alcohol Content (95% V/V): 79.2% denatured with 2.5% Di-Ethyl Phthalate and 0.5% Tertiary Butyl Alcohol.