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Brand: Sanfe

Sanfe Face Acne Glo Patch - Pack of 36

Sanfe Face Acne Glo Patch - Pack of 36

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Product Description

What To Expect

Scent: Fresh
Texture: Soft, light
Feel on Skin: Comfort
Will Make Skin Look: Reduces pimple's size

91% of the people felt a cooling effect after application.

AFTER 1 WEEK: 88% felt their pimples reduced by more than 50%.
AFTER 3 WEEKS: 80% felt their pimples completely vanished overnight.

Active Ingredients



Can you put pimple patches on popped pimples?

"Putting on an acne patch right after a pimple has been popped is successful because it absorbs whatever is still draining."

What is the science behind pimple patches?

"Pimple patches work because they absorb excess fluid and have a vacuum-like effect that gets out any dirt and oil that could be causing a breakout."

What is the active ingredient in Pimple patches?

"Our pimple patches are made of 100% hydrocolloid. "