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Brand: Smart Heart

SmartHeart Mother Puppy Starter Dog Dry Food

SmartHeart Mother Puppy Starter Dog Dry Food

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Product Description

Welcoming a new litter of puppies is a joyous occasion, and their nutritional needs are distinct, requiring special attention. SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food is a carefully crafted diet designed to provide high-quality nourishment for both nursing mothers and their growing puppies of all breeds.

Key Features:

Muscle Mass and Strength:

The high protein content in SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food supports the development of strong muscle mass and strength in growing puppies.

Healthy Milk Production:

Tailored to meet the needs of nursing mothers, this dog food aids in the healthy production of milk, ensuring the well-being of both mother and puppies.

Enhanced Brain Function:

Enriched with DHA (from fish oil) and Choline (from lecithin), it promotes enhanced brain and nervous system function in growing puppies.

Heart Health:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Fish Oil contribute to a healthy heart, promoting overall cardiovascular well-being.

Healthy Skin and Coat:

A balanced combination of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids ensures a lustrous coat and healthy skin in both mother and puppies.

Digestive Health:

Natural fibers in dog food facilitate healthy digestion and contribute to excellent stool quality.

Strong Immunity:

SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food contains sufficient levels of Vitamin E and Selenium to support strong immunity in dogs.

Provide the best start in life for your puppies and support the health of their mother with SmartHeart Mother & Baby Dog Food – a nutritious choice for this crucial phase.